How it works?


For centuries this very simple technique also know as TIG or Tension Induced Growth, is successfully used in breast reconstruction and limb lengthening. A similar tissue expansion is commonly seen in the lengthening of ear lobes after a prolong wearing heavy earrings. Members of many tribes in India use this procedure to enlarge ear lobes.
African tribes use this identical procedure to enlarge lips to place lip disc as tradition and women are also known as Asian Neck Ladies, in some Asian tribes use plastic or metal rings around necks to elongate neck length almost by 50% by applying such a pressure. TIG or Tension Induced Growth makes this possible. What these ancient tribes discovered centuries ago without knowing the reason the medical community has found in recent past.

How Does Breast Enlargement Pump Device Work?

Lately, you must have noticed a few breast pumps sold in the market. This is because most women do not prefer to go under the knife for breast implants and unnecessary incur a huge medical cost. Doctors have for years known the fact that human tissue if subjected to constant gentle pressure the tissue will expand and eventually permanently enlarge. This procedure of enlargement is also known as TIG or Tension Induced Growth. Here the pressure induced cells expand and divide into two or multiple new cells.
Blossom Breast Enlargement Device uses a predetermined negative pressure on the breasts which makes the breast cells expand and multiply. This expansion of breast is mainly due to the suction that pulls in additional blood into the breasts. Initially, the growth might be temporary due to natural swelling and subside but eventually due to continued and long time induced negative pressure the breasts enlargement is permanent. Daily use does not create any scar tissue or stretch marks, or asymmetry of breasts, and the results are permanent.
Our high-quality Blossom breast enlargement device comes with twin cups and simultaneously apply equal and balanced negative pressure to both breasts cutting the enlargement time into half.
Blossom Breast Enlargement Device is also used to make sagging breasts firm, shape and enlarge underdeveloped breasts. While using our breast enlargement device the breast might look bigger and firmer due to natural swelling and stay enlarged for few hours or even a whole day. When used on regular basis over the period of time this gentle three-dimensional pulling force will cause the breasts to slowly and naturally grow on average of about one cup size every 2 months. The growth or enlargement is permanent.